Localized Web Sites

Getting in touch with columbus website design was one of the best things for my local business.  I had a website made a couple of years ago, and paid a lot of money for it.  But it wasn’t doing anything in terms of getting any business.  And the few calls I did get were from folks clear across the country.  I am a local business and need local customers and my website was just not cutting it.

The folks at columbus website design changed all that. They built me a site that targeted my local community and made use of my local contacts to get me more business.  The website re-design was a breath of fresh air and the search engine optimization they performed was really top notch.  I was able to see the results significantly faster.  It was as if everyone in the local community had heard of my business and were interested in what I am offering.

The investment I made in updating my site and doing the SEO on it greatly improved the visibility of my business and paid for itself within months.  I wish someone had told me about columbus website design when I initially had my site built. But I am great full for what they have done.

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Trying to manage my dorm room diet

Guest post written by Emily Stewart

Last year when I was a freshman, it was more like I gained the freshman 20. It was bad. Well, I worked hard over the summer and lost a lot of weight. I’m really hoping that I’ll keep it off and whip myself into even better shape this year. I didn’t get a meal plan because I think the all you can eat stuff was my downfall. So instead, I’m trying to eat really healthy by finding stuff that I can fix in my dorm room.

But I need some serious help on this because there is so much temptation on the college campus. I’ve been researching healthy things to eat on campus and while I was doing that one day, I ran across the site www.INTERNET.CLEAR.com. I passed it along to my mom, who I think is actually going to switch our home internet service over to it.

I know that it’s going to be a litlte tough to stick to my dorm room diet, but I think that if I have healthy options available in my room and know healthy options on campus, I’ll be able to do it.

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Stay at home mom needs a break

Posted by Virgil Burks

It’s been really nice staying at home with the baby this last year, but I’m definitely getting a bit stir crazy. I can’t believe it’s been a whole year but on the other hand, I really, really need a vacation! My husband said it would be allright if we all went over to Oklahoma to stay with his mom for a few days but I was thinking of something even more exotic like New York City or somewhere. I’d love to see some Broadway showsand the Statue of Liberty and all the great food they have there makes my mouth water just thinking about it! The house is all ready to go with it’s HOMESECURITY101.com/ alarm and self-watering lawn and my husband says if I can find us a good deal we can go anytime so I’ve been on the lookout for a last minute fare to the big apple for all of us! It will definitely be the trip of a lifetime and I’m really hoping it works out for this year!

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Endless Laughs With Futurama

Thanks for the post from Rashad Townsend

My favorite science fiction show of all time is called Futurama. This show is basically about a pizza boy whose name is Phillip Fry, but everyone calls him Fry. This pizza boy ends up accidently getting cryogenically frozen in the year of 1999. He wakes up about one thousand years later within a world filled with alcoholic robots, celebrity heads that are alive in jars, and many other insane things. I had to watch the show a number of times before I really began to like it. It contains a number of hilarious jokes that are centered at science fiction, and general pop culture.

There are so many jokes strung throughout the show that there is never a dull moment. My favorite character is Bender, and he is the main robot star of the show. I really like this character because he is a talking robot, and everything he says and does just gives me a great laugh. Fry the main character is also funny, but he doesn’t give me nearly as many laughs as Bender does. There are also a few other characters that I like, and together they all make for a really great viewing experience. I really enjoy watching this TV show because it allows me to relax and get a good laugh in with every episode. I always watch Futurama my favorite science fiction television show on my satellite TV from DirectStarTV.com.

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Online Clothes Shopping

I am now an absolute online clothes shopper.  My son needed a white oxford shirt for his graduation.  My wasted an entire day going from store to store looking for a kids oxford shirt and returned empty handed.  That is when we decided to go online and look for what we needed.  In no time at all, we were able to find exactly what we were looking for and ordered it online and more importantly received it in time for the graduation ceremony.  This was but one example of how convenient it is to shop online.

Ever since that day about a month ago, we find ourselves spending less time at the stores and malls and more time in front of our computer shopping.  The best part of this is that we hardly ever come accross items that are not in stock.  Think about it.  If you go to a store and they dont have your size, what do they offer?  They tell you to make the purchase and they will “ship” you the merchandise.  Well, shopping on line is simply cutting out the middle man and that becomes evident in the price as well.

What used to take a couple of hours in going to the store, trying on clothes, finding your size, etc… now takes mere minutes.  No more fighting for parking spaces, rude customers, lines or general store headaches.  We simply log on from the comfort of our home and shop for anything we want.

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Wow…I was just reminiscing about my high school years and remembered how much we used to tease the all the kids (mainly the girls) with  Acne problems.  The kids that carried around their Acne Treatment medication were the easy targets because they were the ones that stood out like sore thumbs .

I remember when I was in high school, all the Acne Solution we had was something that merely covered up the acne and didn’t really treat it.  So we all went to school, with what looked like make up, on our faces.  There were so many social events that the girls in our class did not attend just because they got an acne breakout and were embarrased to show their face in public.  Now that I think back on it, we didnt make it easier on them either.  We teased them about it and I guess it really effected them.  We used to call them by the names of the popular Acne Product of the time and really tease them relentlessly to the point where some of them would even start to cry. I guess that is what kids did, and probably still do. It’s like a rite of passage.

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Investment Property

After everything that has happened with the economy, I still believe that investment property purchases are still the way to go. For long term investments, you just can not go wrong with real property.  Property is the one thing that comes back no matter how bad the economy gets.  All of the stories of mega millionaires has something to do with real estate and how they purchased a piece of property and held on to it.  The key is hanging on the the real property for 10 to 15 years.  No matter what, you will not loose.

Ask any property investment consultant and they will tell you the same thing. Real estate is the best thing to invest in.  Often times, people do not hold on to these types of investments for a long time, and in turn get burnt.  For short term investments, real estate is just as risky as the stock market because there are so many variables to consider and often times the appreciation of the property value has not really taken effect for it to be turned around in a quick period (unless the purchase price of it was so low that you are investing with the golden principle of buying low and selling high).

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Save on Car Insurance

Why do insurance companies charge different rates for the same coverages?  I needed to renew my car insurance last month and started to do some research before I went ahead and renewed the policy I had.  I had a feeling I was paying too much for my car insurance, but was so busy with everything else I just didn’t follow up on it until time came for renewal.

This time, I went on line and requested car insurance quotes from about 5 different carriers just so I could do my homework in the hopes of saving a significant amount of money on my yearly policy.  I was looking for cheap car insurance but was also very watchful of the policy coverage and limits.  Once you have the quotes from the different carriers, and you spend the time really understanding what the language is on the insurance policy, you can really make a side by side comparison and actually choose the policy that is cheapest without comprimising the coverage you want or need.

I did this and I am now paying around $500 less every year for a policy that has the exact same coverage as the on that just lapsed.  I don’t know about you, but I would much rather have an extra $500 in my pocket every year than in the bank account of an insurance company.

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Vacation Wedding

My friend is getting married again!!!  This time, he will be combining his wedding with a vacation and will be doing the caribbean weddings thing and he has invited a group of his closest friends to attend knowing full and well that the majority of the invitees will not be able to make it.  My wife and I  are always looking for all inclusive travel deals and thought this would be one of those vacations that we could take with friends.  The more we are thinking about it, the more we are liking the idea.

Going on a vacation such as this, will give us something to do.  We could enjoy the vacation time and also have a purpose and reason for the vacation.  Now my wife and I are actively looking for discount vacation packages so that we could get a good price and be there for our friend’s big day.

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Legal Videos

I just thought of a great business idea, Legal Video Services.   You know when you are summoned to court you must appear and give a deposition?  well how about having your deposition video taped by a Legal Video Services companies and have it be your legal testimony in court.  A service like this will be absolutely welcomed by everyone involved.  As the person giving the deposition, you will not need to travel and waste an entire day in court.  You can simply tape the deposition at your convenience and have it sent to court in your stead.

A Legal Video Services company can also make Construction Site Video Surveys, Accident Scene Videos, Settlement and Documentary Videos, Video Inspections or even Wills and Pre-Nuptial Videos.  I really think this kind of a business will be the wave of the future.  Its convenience factor will be something people would be willing to pay for and its whole business idea will take off.  This kind of a business would be easy to set up as all you would really need is investment in a decent camera and a good PC to process the videos and burn them to a DVD.  If you think about it, its really a simple idea that addresses a need.

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