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Payment Processing Services

OK….everyone has a website and is selling something on it!!!

Setting up websites is the really easy part…however, setting up the payment processing section of it is still a pain and often times the bottleneck in getting up and running so you can conduct your business on the web.  There are lots of companies out there that offer Payment Processing services for either retail or web based businesses.  You need to do yourself a favor and research them so that you can pick the best one for what you are trying to accomplish.

Things to look for when doing this include the stability and reputation of the Payment Processing company.  How many clients do they have? How long have the been in business? How secure are their systems? What kind of uptime is guaranteed in their contracts? What are the “hidden” charges that you will get stuck with? How easy is their integration? What form of support do they offer? etc….

These are som really important questions to find out the answers to before you sign up with any online payment processing service.  Do your homework now and save yourself the headache later.

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