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Endless Laughs With Futurama

Thanks for the post from Rashad Townsend

My favorite science fiction show of all time is called Futurama. This show is basically about a pizza boy whose name is Phillip Fry, but everyone calls him Fry. This pizza boy ends up accidently getting cryogenically frozen in the year of 1999. He wakes up about one thousand years later within a world filled with alcoholic robots, celebrity heads that are alive in jars, and many other insane things. I had to watch the show a number of times before I really began to like it. It contains a number of hilarious jokes that are centered at science fiction, and general pop culture.

There are so many jokes strung throughout the show that there is never a dull moment. My favorite character is Bender, and he is the main robot star of the show. I really like this character because he is a talking robot, and everything he says and does just gives me a great laugh. Fry the main character is also funny, but he doesn’t give me nearly as many laughs as Bender does. There are also a few other characters that I like, and together they all make for a really great viewing experience. I really enjoy watching this TV show because it allows me to relax and get a good laugh in with every episode. I always watch Futurama my favorite science fiction television show on my satellite TV from

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