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Trying to manage my dorm room diet

Guest post written by Emily Stewart

Last year when I was a freshman, it was more like I gained the freshman 20. It was bad. Well, I worked hard over the summer and lost a lot of weight. I’m really hoping that I’ll keep it off and whip myself into even better shape this year. I didn’t get a meal plan because I think the all you can eat stuff was my downfall. So instead, I’m trying to eat really healthy by finding stuff that I can fix in my dorm room.

But I need some serious help on this because there is so much temptation on the college campus. I’ve been researching healthy things to eat on campus and while I was doing that one day, I ran across the site I passed it along to my mom, who I think is actually going to switch our home internet service over to it.

I know that it’s going to be a litlte tough to stick to my dorm room diet, but I think that if I have healthy options available in my room and know healthy options on campus, I’ll be able to do it.

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