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Vacation Wedding

My friend is getting married again!!!  This time, he will be combining his wedding with a vacation and will be doing the caribbean weddings thing and he has invited a group of his closest friends to attend knowing full and well that the majority of the invitees will not be able to make it.  My wife and I  are always looking for all inclusive travel deals and thought this would be one of those vacations that we could take with friends.  The more we are thinking about it, the more we are liking the idea.

Going on a vacation such as this, will give us something to do.  We could enjoy the vacation time and also have a purpose and reason for the vacation.  Now my wife and I are actively looking for discount vacation packages so that we could get a good price and be there for our friend’s big day.

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RV Park Vacation

My 10 year old is on a mission to try and convince me to take the family on a vacation in an RV.  At first I was totally against it and didn’t even consider it,  but I must admit, lately, I have been giving it more thought and it does not seem that bad of a suggestion.  We are planning on going to North Carolina this summer, and if I can swing it, I will try to extend my vacation by a week and go RV’ing in the area.  I think this would be a great way to see that part of the country.  I did a search for rv park nc and found that RV’ing in that part of the country is a really big thing..

I have already found out that there is a number of nc rv parks around the area where we will be staying and would be very easy and convenient for us to extend our trip and add this part of it on without having to do much changes. So, rv park north Carolina, here we come. The kids are excited, we are happy that the kids are going to have fun and we will be able to spend some good family time together and have fun all the way around.  The kids grow up so fast, that we are now trying to hold on and spend as much time together as we can So, when they suggest something, we want to do it……and have fun!!!!

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Ways to save on a vacation

Up to now, my family and I have been staying at resorts whenever we went on vacation.  However, I think all that is about to change.  Whenever we are on vacation we are always out and about, visiting people and places or sightseeing.  So, if you think about it, we use our hotels to basically just sleep and shower.  So why are we paying a premium to simply sleep in a room? We could stay at a places like the Ramada, Days Inn or Best Western and save a good amount of our expenses, which we can use to do more fun activities and/or stay longer.

bestwesternThe Best Western locations are very convenient and clean.  They are always located near the attractions we are interested in and provide good service.  They are kid friendly which is very very important and some even have activities for kids.

days_innThe Days Inn locations have very reasonable rates and offer clean rooms as well. They too are very strategically located and offer great accommodations for families as well as business travelers.  I have never ever had any issues with reservations being mixed up or confusion with Days Inn during my business travel days.

ramadaMy number one choice for alternatives to hotels and resorts is the Ramada.  These hotels are really great in terms of their rooms, meals and convenience.  Last year during our visit to Lake George, we stayed at the local Ramada and it was just like being at a resort, but at a fraction of the cost.

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